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PEAK Modules

There are currently 4 modules in the PEAK Relational Training System. Each module focuses on a different way that people learn new skills and information. These modules are the most important part of the PEAK Relational Training System. Research has shown that using all four of the modules simultaneously can lead to the most skill acquisition, as well as in other measures of intellectual and cognitive functioning. More information on each of the modules can be found in the PEAK Learning Modules section of this webpage.

PEAK Comprehensive Assessment (PEAK-CA)

The PEAK-CA represents a movement towards greater standardization in ABA assessments of language and cognitive functioning. This comprehensive assessment contains revised pre-assessments for each of the four PEAK modules. Information from this pre-assessment can be used to directly inform programming decisions. The comprehensive assessment requires 1-hour to 1.5-hours to complete, and results provide scores for each module, and scores for factors within each module. In addition to informing PEAK program selection and development, because the PEAK-CA is a standardized and direct test of performance, results on the PEAK-CA can be used to measure growth in each of the four learning modalities as learners progress through the PEAK system.

PEAK Comprehensive Record Booklet

The Comprehensive Record Booklet was developed to allow teachers or clinicians to easily keep track of PEAK assessment scores and learner progress, and to keep caregivers up to date. Each booklet includes space to write client information, fillable PEAK Performance Matrix triangles, factor scoring grids, and challenging behavior checklist, and a guide to track learner progress across assessment periods. 


PEAK Direct Training Materials Kit

A comprehensive bundling of materials for completing the PEAK DT curriculum programs. This kit was custom designed by a veteran PEAK implementer. Now you can have all the materials you need in one single box! Items include picture, word, color, and shape stimulus cards, games, toys, and manipulatable items that can be used with the various curricular programs of PEAK-DT.

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